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If you are ready to improve your odds against cancer I will help you create a holistic plan tailored to work with your oncologist's treatments, and help you find qualified holistic practitioners in your area if you live in the United States. All email consultations are free and there are no obligations -- the goal is to achieve victory over cancer!

Be sure to always check with your doctor before making any changes in your health care routine.

Hello, I'm Tami Dickerson, M.H. and I warmly welcome you to Herbal Outpost, my site dedicated to helping cancer patients boost the effectiveness of their prescribed cancer treatments!

I am a holistic practitioner who strongly believes that your oncologist is your main ally in beating your cancer. Keep in mind that cancer is an aggressive disease, therefore you need the aggressive treatments offered by conventional medicine to destroy it. Although conventional treatment is needed, research has shown that combining conventional medicine with evidence-based holistic methods is the best defense in your fight against cancer. Holistic methods can strengthen the effect of conventional treatments, reduce the severity of side effects caused by conventional treatments, and improve your quality of life as you undergo your treatment. My focus is to provide education and help you construct a plan which supports your prescribed cancer treatments. I only endorse methods which are evidenced-based -- proven by valid, scientific research -- and I will gladly furnish all research resources upon request.

Email me at: Tami Dickerson, M.H. and I will help you increase your odds against cancer!



In July 2018 we are re-starting New Life Cancer Support Group in Painted Post, NY. For details on this faith-based group please click HERE.