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Up to 69% of cancer patients seek holistic treatments in an effort to beat the disease. Although many holistic methods are legitimately scientific, too many patients are deceived into trying alternative treatments that sound great but are, in reality, quite destructive. "Holistic Breast Cancer Therapies" focuses exclusively on holistic breast cancer therapies which are backed by legitimate scientific studies. Author Tami Dickerson, M.H., educates readers on how the different therapies work, what they are most useful for, which precautions to consider, and how to coordinate them to boost the effectiveness of your oncologist's treatments. Click here for a preview of the book's contents.

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Holistic Chemotherapy

Medical research has shown that the combination of conventional medicine and evidence-based holistic methods together gives better results against cancer than either one alone. "Holistic Chemotherapy" educates you on how to spot the differences between ethical vs. fraudulent practitioners and teaches you what you can do for yourself to boost the effectiveness of your cancer treatments through the use of evidence-based therapies proven to work in tandem with chemotherapy. Source information is given throughout the text in the form of footnotes for readers who wish to verify the research cited.

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