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Q: What is "holistic medicine"?
A: Holistic medicine attends to the whole patient - body, mind, and spirit - whereas conventional medicine primarily attends to only the body, i.e. the disease itself. For example, when you are diagnosed with cancer you will need to use conventional medicine to attack the disease through treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or a combination of these. Although this is necessary treatment, this is treating only the body. Because one's mental, emotional, and spiritual state can directly affect one's natural ability to heal it is important that these also be addressed in order to attack the disease from all sides. This is where holistic medicine becomes valuable: not only does it support your body's physical healing but it also supports one's mind, emotions, and spirit, covering your entire circle of health.

Q: What are the differences between holistic medicine, complementary medicine, and alternative medicine?
A: Both holistic medicine and complementary medicine are used as secondary methods to be used in tandem with conventional treatments. These secondary methods are designed to help increase the effectiveness of your doctor's prescribed treatments to better serve your health. The vast majority of holistic and complementary methods are backed by valid, scientific evidence. Some examples of holistic and complementary methods may include heat therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and herbal preparations to help reduce side effects from the conventional treatments.

Alternative medicine, on the other hand, is different, as these are primary methods used in place of conventionally prescribed treatments. Although many alternative treatments are effective, there are some methods which have no credible scientific evidence backing them, therefore I strongly urge you to do your research before subscribing to any alternative methods.

Q: What is Herbal Outpost's view on the use of conventional medicine during cancer treatment?
A: Herbal Outpost's position is that conventional methods and holistic methods are an inseparable combination when fighting cancer. Science has shown repeatedly that the proper combination of both conventional and holistic methods gives better results than either one alone. Herbal Outpost also takes the position that clients should never implement any changes in their health care routine without first discussing the changes with their physicians.

Q: Can holistic methods help cure my cancer?
Holistic methods on their own do not cure cancer. However, when used properly they can significantly boost the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments. For example, hyperthermia therapy (heat therapy) is scientifically proven to weaken cancer cells, making them much more vulnerable to the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. As a result many cancer patients choose to use hyperthermia as a secondary method to increase the success of their chemo or radiation. Of course, not all methods are good for all patients. Keep in mind that certain health conditions may preclude the use of certain holistic methods; be sure you are following professional advice before using any holistic methods.

Q: Can holistic methods eliminate the side effects of conventional treatments?
A: Side effects of cancer treatment vary according to the treatments provided and the patient's physical response to the treatment. As a result it is impossible to predict an outcome on any individual with 100% accuracy. However, in most cases patients do experience significant reduction in side effects using holistic methods. If you are one of those who find that a holistic method is less effective for you do not be discouraged; oftentimes there are other holistic options that can be tried instead.

Q: Is Herbal Outpost associated with Cahaba Clubs Herbal Outpost of Odessa, Florida?
A: No, we are not. If you are looking for Cahaba Clubs Herbal Outpost, a culinary company, then please go to their website at

Q: Herbal Outpost is a Christian-based holistic practice; what is its position on clients who are of different lifestyles, identity, or religions?
A: As Christians we feel we are called to love others (Mark 12:31), not judge others (Matthew 7:1-5), and to do all things in love (1 Cor. 16:14). In line with this it is Herbal Outpost's position is that it is wrong to refuse service to someone simply because he or she has a different lifestyle, religion, or self-identification from the mainstream. Each person encountering cancer is equally worthy of help in restoring his or her health. We give all clients the same dignity and respect despite any differences. You are safe here; we do not judge.