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Tami Dickerson, M.H.


Hello, I'm Tami Dickerson and I warmly invite you to check out our faith-based cancer support group!

Where: Twin Tiers Christian Church, 36 Beartown Road, Painted Post, NY. We meet in the Fellowship Hall.
When: First and Third Saturdays of each month, from 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Who: Anyone who is dealing with cancer or has a loved one dealing with cancer.


What to expect at our meetings?

We begin the first half hour with a few minutes of enjoying light refreshments and fellowship followed by the sharing of personal experiences, concerns, questions, or anything you need to get off your chest. The second half hour is dedicated to the discussion of a weekly topic, usually centered on holistic methods and how they work in tandem with conventional cancer treatments.* Our group only endorses methods which are evidenced-based -- proven by valid, scientific research -- and will gladly furnish all research resources upon request.The last half hour is when we come together to pray for each other, give emotional healing, and to offer thanksgiving to God for His blessings and mercies.
You are not required to be a Christian to attend our group. We do not discriminate regardless of gender, identity, race, religion, lifestyle, social class, or culture. You are safe here.



*It is strongly recommended that you do not make any changes or additions to your doctor's prescribed plan without discussing it with him or her first.